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Sponsor a Girl Child

Every day, girls in poverty around the world face unbelievable hurdles. Your donation helps her build a brighter tomorrow, providing her with life-changing benefits and proven programs, including access to a safe space, a supportive team and a proven path to help her envision - and build - a future free from poverty.


Sponsor a child today

Not every child is lucky to have a home. We need your support to help the abandoned and parentless children. Sponsor a Child is a unique relationship between you and your sponsored child. When you choose to sponsor a child with Plan India, you are also choosing to help transform their community thereby ensuring lasting change.


Sponsor a Student

Every child or youngster, no matter who they are or where they come from, deserves access to education. Let us build a nation of educated children together. We run programmes to support the education of the most disadvantaged students in several ways. Come, join our mission to Educate Every Last Child!


Sponsor A Grandparent

The condition of poor senior citizens is terrible, particularly in the rural areas and urban slums. They have no access to health care, basic welfare needs and face many problems for their survival. When you support this program, your donation and you will be the reason for him or her living their last days in dignity.


Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.